Why is English Course always Needed

Everybody admits that English is an international language and that it is widely used. English natives surely use the language for every communication they make, but non-native English speaker usually use English for certain occasions. Mostly, English is learned at schools. Hence English is widely used in education. Besides, English is widely used in business. Even, people need to take a standardized English test, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS to get a job or to register to a school abroad, especially in English speaking country. Hence, those whose first language is not English need to learn the language because English is closely related to human life especially in this global era.


Nowadays, people communicate with people around the world and English is the first choice of language to communicate with people with different first language. And this is often happen in the working world. Working people do not need to master all skills of communicating English. They need English that helps them to cope between them and their clients. Hence, they only need language related to their job. Usually schools do not accommodate this need well. Hence, English for Specific Purpose always in the list of English course offer. The course helps this people to know how to use English in their working world. So, they can perform their best work and misunderstanding and misconception due to miscommunication won’t happen. In addition, a student needs to pass international tests to study abroad. And, one of the tests is English test and sometimes it does not go smoothly. Hence, students need to have an exam preparation for this. Unfortunately, schools, once again, do not prepare them for this. Luckily, such an exam preparation is available in an English course offer. Learning English becomes quite easy, then. Moreover, those are not the only reason why people come to English course. Some students feel that they do not learn well at school so they need additional English course outside the school time. Thus, General English becomes the always-available English course offer.

The continuous needs of English make the English course offer never die. There always people who need English course to deal with their needs of communication since the world is getting smaller. Whether for academic purposes or business purposes, people who are open to the world needs English to explore the entire the world since when people meet foreigner, their first question is “Do you speak English?” to open a conversation.