Study Location – Simple Ways to Create Your Study Area for Academic Success

Location, location, location is a popular phrase used when establishing a new franchise of stores in business. Location is also important when studying in school. Whether in the dorm, at the library, at home, or in the park you can have a study location that enhances your Academic success.

As a Academic Success Coach, there are many things I love to do that do not pertain to academics. When I am not speaking or traveling to schools I love to kick back and watch shows on Home and Garden Television (HGTV). “Design on a Design”, “Designer’s Challenge”, and “Divine Design” are few of my favorite shows. They all fuel my hobby of home decor and home decorating.


Today I want to share with you a few things to consider when developing your personal study location.

1. Establish a place to study outside of your bedroom. Your bedroom is a place for resting, relaxing, and recuperating. Resist the temptation to rest or get in the bed to interfere with your studying.

2. Study in a clean and organized environment.

3. Keep your study location cool. Warm rooms causes sluggishness. Cool rooms causes alertness (that’s why movie theaters are so chilly).

4. Study in well lit conditions. You must be able to see it if you will ever be able to learn it. Plus, poorly lit rooms will damage your eyes when readying.

5. Avoid studying in the bed; you WILL eventually fall asleep.

6. Choose a location where a telephone is not accessible, if there is, allow voice mail to work for you, “Hello, I am studying; please call after…”

7. Make sure a television is not in operation near your location. You can not fully concentrate on two things at the same time, so fully focus on your studies and not television.

8. Avoid studying in high-traffic study areas, so you won’t get distracted. Especially from those of the opposite sex.

From these above tips, you can get creative in building your customized study location. If it is really nice maybe we can both go on a HGTV reality show to feature your new study location.